Children's Fiction for Grades 5 to 8

O the Red Rose Tree
by Beatty, Patricia

Freddy the Detective (series)
by Brooks, Walter R.

by Clapp, Patricia

The Treasure of Plunderell Manor
by Clements, Bruce

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons
by Cohen, Barbara

Ordinary Jack (series)
by Cresswell, Helen

The Seeing Stone (series)
by Crossley-Holland, Kevin

Conrad's War
by Davies, Andrew

Down a Dark Hall
by Duncan, Lois

The Saturdays (series)
by Enright, Elizabeth

Go the the Room of the Eyes
by Erwin, Betty K.

The Great Brain (series)
by Fitzgerald, John D.

by Garfield, Leon

Don't Say a Word
by Gehrts, Barbara

Time Stops for No Mouse (series)
by Hoeye, Michael

Devil's Door-bell
Night of the Scorpion
The Silver Citadel

by Horowitz, Anthony

Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves
by Hughes, Carol

Which Witch?
by Ibbotson, Eva

Putting on an Act
by Killien, Christi

Hating Alison Ashley
People Might Hear You

by Klein, Robin

A Proud Taste for the Scarlet and Miniver
by Konigsburg, E. L.

Seven Spiders Spinning (series)
by Maguire, Gregory

by McKinley, Robin

April and the Dragon Lady
Samurai and the Long Nosed Devils (series)

by Namioka, Lensey

The Silver Crown
by O'Brien, Robert C.

Time at the Top
All in Good Time

by Ormondroyd, Edward

Someone Was Watching
by Patneaude, David

Minnow on the Say
by Pearce, Philippa

Lizard music
by Pinkwater, Daniel Manus

Pink and Say
by Polacco, Patricia

Swallows and Amazons (series)
by Ransome, Arthur

The View from the Cherry Tree
by Roberts, Willo Davis

The Bad Beginning (series)
by Snicket, Lemony

A Dog on Barkham Street
The Bully of Barkham Street
Quentin Corn

by Stolz, Mary

Borrowed House
by Van Stockum, Hilda